Ecton Park Concessions & Restroom Building

The Ecton Park Concessions & Restroom Building Project is substantially complete and the City of Lexington, Parks & Recreation had a ceremony yesterday with ribbon-cutting.  Mayor Linda Gorton and Parks & Recreation Director Monica Conrad said very nice comments about the Project Team. We’d like to give a special thanks to the General Contractor and Consulting Engineers who assisted with another successful project:

LFUCG Parks & Recreation – Owner/Client

BCD Inc. – General Contractor

Element Design – Civil Engineer & Landscape Architect

Poage Engineers & Associates – Structural Engineering

E-Tech Consultants PLLC – Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Below are some links to some recent news about the ribbon-cutting ceremony:

LFUCG’s announcement:




The Mayor and Parks & Recreation Director’s speeches are on YouTube:

25th Anniversary

We are pleased to be celebrating our 25 years of continuous service. Our firm was founded on Nov. 17, 1997. Our first project was the Islamic Center of Eastern Kentucky located in Prestonsburg. While we’ve moved over the years, our first location was on Old Lafayette Avenue near Main Street in downtown Lexington.


On Friday, July 12th 2019 at about 9:00 am there was a vehicular accident in front of our building in which one SUV ended up crashing into a large window on the ground floor.  Everyone was OK and while the damage was intense, luckily it was contained to one window and no structural damage.  Our friends downstairs were understandably startled and obviously inconvenienced for the day.  Now we have a nice plywood panel and a window to get replaced.  Below are a few links to the news articles and photos of the accident.

Lexington Herald-Leader (

WKYT (local CBS Affiliate)


We moved

In May 2019, we moved our location to

524 East High Street
Lexington, KY 40502-6443

We are now located near Woodland Park at the intersections of High & Maxwell Streets (also Kentucky Avenue).  There’s street parking for visitors on High Street (metered) and free spots along Kentucky Avenue.  Please look for the red door on the High Street side of the building.  There’s another Architecture firm downstairs, so please make sure you see our sign in our door on the High Street side.  Please call us before visiting and ring the doorbell when you arrive.  Thanks.

We’ve been having a lot of repair work done to the building, so please excuse the mess.


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