We have done a variety of recreational projects for governmental clients.  Our work includes new construction and renovations.  Some of these projects include:

Woodland Park Gazebo Renovation


Woodland Park has a Band Gazebo that had been deteriorating for a long time.  Since it had a back wall which provide some protection from the wind, many homeless persons tended to sleep there.  The LFUCG Dept. of Recreation sought to make necessary repairs, remove the rear wall, and beautify the gazebo.  The design included cascading steps on both sides that also function as risers for performances, which are still commonly performed on this popular urban park.

Marlboro (and Coolavin) Park Community Center


Marlboro Park needed a Community Center for neighborhood meetings and gatherings.  This building was designed to be simple and durable while also providing restrooms for Park use.  This project was successful and replicated again at Coolavin Park which has a similar need and use.

Douglass Park Concessions & Restroom Building


Douglass Park has many facilities but in the area of the baseball fields there were no restrooms.  This new facility located near the center of the baseball fields provided new restrooms, concessions area, and storage.  With it’s wide porches on both ends, teams could gather for team meetings or weather protection.  Other design aspects include very low-maintenance aspects including a design without gutters and a wide

Castlewood Park Shelter & Restroom Building


This Restroom and Shelter Building for Castlewood Park was designed to accommodate both the general public and a group of children with disabilities.  Being located next to a playground, it contains 2 accessible restrooms, storage area, and a picnic shelter area with simple yet durable finishes that are easy to maintain.